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Hong Kong-owned Ningbo Golden hibiscus Co., Ltd. Is located in Cixi, Zhejiang, which is a well-known production base of household electrical appliance in China/ The company is 40kilometres away from Ningbo International Airport, and is 65 kilometres from Beilun Seaport, and is near by the famous Hangzhou Bay Brige. Thus it enjoys convenient traffic and prosperous logistic.

The cofounder of the company is the pioneer for the washing machine industry in China. Since 1980s, we have been helping China Top Brand Washing Machine Manufacturer adopt advanced technology from Japan and Europe. In the face of globalization and a new economic era, we will no longer confine ourselves in the home market but rather shift our eyes to the intr national market. Our products have been exported to South-Eadt Asia, Middle East and South America.

Our principle in designing and manufacturing products is: "Reliable, Clean, Quite, and Artistic." Reliable will always work on the basis of "Reliable Quality, High Sense of Satisfaction to Our Cust omers and Never-Ending lnnovation." We hope to build Rapport into World Top Brand through our dedicated hard-work and intelligence, which, we believe, will be adored by our great customers. Our dedicated hard-work and intelligence, which, we believe, will be adored by our great customers.
In the 21st century, Golden hibiscus will be devoted to the undertaking of the human household appliance with health-related features, will build up Golden hibiscus company into a domestic and first-class electrical home appliances manufacturing enterprise, promoting the development of Chinese household appliance with health-related features modernization, and expanding out larger development space in the international electrical home appliances market actively, opening more brilliant achievement of tomorrow.
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